The Life on the Streets

a selection of pictures

Illustrations © The Estate of John David Roberts. Reproduced with the permission of the William Roberts Society.

Click on the images for more information on the works concerned and, in some cases, to see other versions of them.

Women Drinking

Women Drinking, c.1916 (pencil)

The Cockneys

Cockneys – study, c.1919 (pencil, pen and black ink and watercolour)

A Demonstration

A Demonstration, c.1919–20 (pencil, ink and watercolour)

Women Playing with Cats

Women Playing with Cats, c.1919? (ink and watercolour)

Brass Balls

Brass Balls, 1922 (oil on canvas)

Street Acrobats

Street Acrobats, 1923 (pencil, ink and watercolour)

Armistice Night

Armistice Night, c.1925 (pen, black ink, graphite and watercolour)

An Argument -- study

An Argument – study, c.1926 (pencil)

Window-cleaning Studies

Window-cleaning Studies, c.1928 (pencil)


Skipping, from The Gutter, 1934–5 (oil on canvas)

Errand Boys

The Errand Boys, 1939 (oil on canvas)m

Street Musicians

Street Musicians, 1940s (pencil and watercolour)

Flower Stall

Flower Stall – study for The Flower Sellers, c.1941 (pencil and watercolour)

The Gypsy Flower Seller

The Gypsy Flower Seller, 1943–4 (black chalk and watercolour)

The Bicycle Lesson

The Bicycle Lesson, 1964 (oil on canvas)

Street Corner

Street Corner, c.1965 (pencil and watercolour)


Gossips, 1968 (oil on canvas)

The Dancing Bear

The Dancing Bear, 1970 (watercolour and pencil)

Rush Hour, 1971t

Rush Hour, 1971 (oil on canvas)

The Beggars

The Beggars, 1974 (pencil and watercolour)

Beer Barrels Being Put in a Cellar

Beer Barrels Being Put in a Cellar, date uncertain (pencil)

Woman with Balloons

Woman with Balloons, date uncertain (pencil on lined paper from notebook)

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