New Coterie No. 1

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New Coterie No. 1

New Coterie No. 1, November 1925
Magazine size 19 cm x 25.5 cm

New Coterie ran from 1925 to 1927 and was edited by Russell Green, who had edited no. 6/7 of the original Coterie magazine (cf. Coterie No. 3, 1919); it was published by Charles Lahr (see The Prodigal Sets Out 1927–8). The same black line drawing of six figures appearing to be workers or artists, with arms in the air – according to his daughter Oonagh, Charles Lahr used to claim that the design represented 'the Communist Party at the barricade – all six of them!' – was used with different colour backgrounds for four issues of the magazine: nos. 1 (pink background, Nov. 1925), 2 (red background, spring 1926), 3 (green background, summer 1926) and 4 (yellow background, autumn 1926). A different design, also by Roberts was used for the covers of the final issues, nos. 5 and 6 (1927).

New Coterie Nos. 1--5

New Coterie Nos. 1–5

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