Music and Dance

a selection of pictures

Illustrations © The Estate of John David Roberts. Reproduced with the permission of the William Roberts Society.

Click on the images for more information on the works concerned and, in some cases, to see other versions of them.


Fanfare – study, c.1921 (pencil and watercolour)

The Dancers -- study

The Dancers – study, 1913–14 (tempera on board)

The Guitar Player

The Guitar Player, c.1920 (pencil, pen, ink and watercolour)

The Ballet -- study

The Ballet) – study, c.1932 (pencil)

The Dancers, 1919

The Dancers, 1919 (oil on canvas)


Troubadours, c.1919 (pencil, ink and watercolour)

A Fantastic Ballet

A Fantastic Ballet, undated – suggest 1920 (pen, ink and wash)

The Dance Club

The Dance Club, 1921 (oil on canvas)

Camargo Ballet backcloth

Camargo Ballet backcloth – study, c.1931 (pencil)

Mandolines and Guitars

Mandolines and Guitars, undated, suggest 1925–6 (pencil)

Folk Dance

Folk Dance, 1936 (oil on canvas)

Spanish Rhythm

Spanish Rhythm, 1946–9 (oil on canvas)

Girl Playing Guitar

Girl Playing Guitar, c.1943 (watercolour and pencil)

Oboe Players

Oboe Players, c.1936–8 – suggest 1937 (pencil and watercolour)

The Rehearsal

The Rehearsal – study for Chamber Music, c.1937 (watercolour over pencil heightened with white)


Cellist, date uncertain (red crayon)

The Recital

The Recital – study, c.1944–5 (pencil)

The Party

The Party, c.1970 (oil on canvas)

The Choir

The Choir, c.1959 (watercolour and pencil)

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