Family Life

a selection of pictures

Illustrations © The Estate of John David Roberts. Reproduced with the permission of the William Roberts Society.

Click on the images for more information on the works concerned and, in some cases, to see other versions of them.

The Poor Family

The Poor Family, 1921–3 (oil on canvas)

The Happy Family (1924-5)

The Happy Family, 1924 (oil on canvas)

Family at the Seaside

Family at the Seaside, c.1926 (pencil and watercolour)


Newspapers, 1926 (oil on canvas)

The Wash, c. 1929

Bath-night, 1929 (oil on canvas)

The Family

The Family, 1934 (oil on canvas)

Woman Carrying Child

Woman Carrying Child, c.1937 (red chalk)

Women Bathing a Child

Women Bathing a Child, 1939 (pencil and watercolour)

The Family

The Family, 1942 (pencil and watercolour)

Sailor's Farewell

Sailor's Farewell, date unknown – suggest 1943–4 (watercolour and pencil)

Two Women Playing with a Cat

Two Women Playing with a Cat, c.1943–4 (pencil)

Blackberry Picking

Blackberry Picking, c.1944 (pencil and watercolour)

The Flower Arrangement

The Flower Arrangement, 1944 (pencil and watercolour)

Mothers -- study

Mothers – study, 1944–5 (pencil)

The War Baby -- study

The War Baby – study, 1946 (pencil, watercolour and crayon)

Large Family at Table

Large Family at Table, c.1953 (pen and ink)


TV, 1960 (oil on canvas)

The Grandchild

The Grandchild, 1973 (oil on canvas)

The Pet

The Pet, 1974 (oil on canvas)

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